Saturday, February 25, 2012

RESTAURANT REVIEW : Scoot a Little Closer Á Côte Moi

Sasha Martin

                Á Côte is the perfect place for a date. Á Côte means "next to" in French; a an intimate name, ideal for a restaurant screaming, "romantic date!" So, scooch a little closer, Á Côte your date and eat up! If you sit towards the back (recommended because it's a little quieter and more intimate), the walls are covered in vintage draperies as though you're in the midst of a Matisse painting. You won't want to part with the luxury after you've tried it: the rich tastes the menu has to offer, the perfectly dimmed lighting, the romantic back-corner tables, and the "Oh my god. Oh my god! this is SOOOOO good." With every dish and every bite, that same "oh my god!" enthusiasm does not fade. The atmosphere is an aphrodisiac in itself, and the food even more so. 

Á Côte doesn't have to be expensive to be thoroughly enjoyed. You could get the Croque Monsieur (a delicious, traditionally French ham and gruyere panini), pommes frites (french fries), and just water, and spend 14 (plus tax and tip) and finish the night completely satisfied. But, if you want to taste "l'essence d'Á Côte"? I would rearrange your wallet so that you can order the best dishes. First and foremost, the mussel dish. It is not only extraordinarily good, but an interactive dish. You must scoop out the meet from each shell-- a fun activity to share with a date. And, don't forget to soak up the sauce with the out-of-the-0ven-warm, fresh bread. The other dishes that are worthy of your buck are: the grilled skirt steak, pancetta wrapped quail, the brussel sprout side, and again, last but not least, the pommes frites. Á Côte might be a little expensive, but, it's well worth it. Because it is a little pricey, however, remember that when you invite a date to sit Á Côte you? He/she better be deserving of the pampering. I know you are. Remember that Á Côte hosts special nights. For example, they recently offered a Nutella night-- all desserts Nutella (neutella crepes, Nutella pastries, mmmmm Nutella heaven). Follow their twitter (!/ACoteRestaurant) to keep updated on these events.

Please note that Á Côte hosts other, more personalized special events, ranging from small, cocktail-making classes (a fun way to spend the night with the girls or a group date) to cheese seminars (yummm). You can find out about these before everyone else does by signing up on the following online form:

See you there... and feel free to sit Á Côte me. 

Restaurant Information: 

5478 College Avenue (near the Rockridge BART station), Oakland

(510) 655-6469
*There is also an online reservation form:

Sun, Mon, Tues, 5:30 pm - 10 pm
Wed-Thurs, 5:30 pm - 11 pm
F - Sat, 5:30 pm - Midnight



Dessert (and Wine and Cocktail List)--

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Hi S@sh@---your review goes right to my head, heart and stomach!! Lucky restaurant!!