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Active Ingredients:
ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council---a corporate backed group with a right-wing agenda)
NRA (National Rifle Association)
Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law (pushed through with the full throttle of NRA)

Inactive ingredients:
Teenage boy (black), walking down the street, shot dead

Combine:  behind closed doors, ALEC task forces, including NRA, corporate representatives, non-profit lobbyists, who prepare model bills that promote the right-wing’s agenda

Mix:  into the closed-door meetings conservative legislators  (trip and time often paid for with “scholarship” money from ALEC), who then take the proposals of the model bills, often verbatim, and introduce them as the legislator’s ‘own bill’ to the state government, pushing passage of the bill into law

Add:  Florida’s Stand Your Ground law (otherwise known as Kill-at-Will law) in which a person no longer has a duty to retreat and instead has the right to “match” force with force at user’s discretion in any public place
Fire-up the racial oven and heat until dead.

Serve hot.  Over floods of family tears.

Notes on Stand Your Ground law:

Florida Gov. Rick Scott---- "If there's something wrong with the law that's in place, I think it's important we address it. I'm going to look at it. If what's happening is it's being abused, that's not right. We all want to live in a safe place…."

NRA lobbyist Marion Hammer, who pushed for the law---
"So for law enforcement to rush to judgment just because they are being stampeded by emotionalism would be a violation of law.”
"This law is not about one incident. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the law. And if the governor wants to waste time looking at it he can knock himself out."

Attorney Mutaquee Akbar told Scott---"These problems are racial profiling, the abuse of police discretion and the abuse of prosecutorial discretion. Trayvon Martin is dead because of racial profiling."
"Death is the ultimate and most final result of a problem that has plagued our community for centuries. It can no longer be ignored." "George Zimmerman is walking free today because of this abuse."

Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, who sponsored the measure---
"Invariably when there's any adverse incident, it's open season for anti-gun factions to disseminate this idea that there's something wrong with 'stand your ground….'"

Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale (who said justifiable homicide has increased three-fold since the "stand your grand" law went into effect seven years ago, with many of the victims black)---"What it's done is, it has emboldened those who are sometimes looking for confrontation, because they realize they have the shield of this law. This is a classic case of, if it's my word against yours and you happen to be dead, there's no way of knowing."

Steven A. Jansen, vice president of Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (a national group that sees Stand Your Ground as a barrier to prosecuting criminals)---“It’s almost like we now have to prove a negative — that a person was not acting in self-defense, often on the basis of only one witness, the shooter….”

Notes on ALEC:
This group (again, ALEC is not a government body) pushes laws that: Restrict voter ID (which benefits conservative votes);
Restrict labor’s ability to organize (which benefits corporations); Encourage corporate money to finance political will;
Shift education from public to private;
Deregulate gun laws and push to spread Stand Your Ground laws in other states (already more than 30 states have versions of this law), among many other issues on the right-wing agenda.

ALEC likes guns.
ALEC and the NRA:
Support lifting bans on semi-automatic firearms; 
Support eliminating waiting periods for firearm purchase; 
Support legalizing concealed gun-carrying;
Support allowing gun manufactures to sell weapons/ammunition that can be used against police;
Support student gun-carrying on campus;
Oppose local restrictions on firearms.

ALEC is supported by the right-wing Koch brothers ($$$ from oil), Coors, many oil companies, drug companies, chemical companies, communication companies, etc..

Here are a few examples of the many for-profits that support ALEC:
· ,
·           Anheuser-Busch
         ▪         Archer Daniels Midland
         ▪         ARCO
         ▪         AT&T
         ▪         Bank of America
         ▪         Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
         ▪         BP America
         ▪         Chevron Corporation
         ▪         Comcast
         ▪         ConocoPhillips
         ▪         Coors
         ▪         Dow Chemical Company
         ▪         ExxonMobil
         ▪         FedEx
         ▪         General Electric
         ▪         General Motors Corporation
         ▪         HP
         ▪         IBM
         ▪         Johnson & Johnson
         ▪         Koch Industries
         ▪         McDonalds Corporation
         ▪         Microsoft Corporation
         ▪         Miller Brewing Company (now MillerCoors)
         ▪         Monsanto
         ▪         NestlĂ© USA Inc
         ▪         Pennzoil Co.
         ▪         Reynolds American
         ▪         Shell Oil Company
         ▪         Sony Corp.
         ▪         State Farm Insurance Co
         ▪         Texaco Inc
         ▪         Thomson Reuters Accelus
         ▪         Time Warner
         ▪         United Airlines
         ▪         United Parcel Service (UPS)
         ▪         Verizon
         ▪         Walgreens
         ▪         Wal-Mart Stores

Here is a list of ALEC’s Corporate Board:

         ▪         CenterPoint 360, W. Preston Baldwin  (Tobacco)
         ▪         Altria Group, Daniel Smith (Tobacco)
         ▪         American Bail Coalition, William Carmichael, Jerry     Watson (commitment to the private sector in the war on crime)
         ▪         AT&T, William Leahy (communications industy)
         ▪         Bayer Corp., Sandy Oliver (pharmaceuticals)
         ▪         Diageo, Kenneth Lane (alcohol)
         ▪         Energy Future Holdings, Sano Blocker (coal energy, ties to Goldman Sachs, Rick Perry)
         ▪         ExxonMobil Corporation, Randall Smith (oil)
         ▪         GlaxoSmithKline, John Del Giorno (pharmaceuticals)
         ▪         Johnson & Johnson, Don Bohn (pharmaceuticals)
         ▪         Koch Companies Public Sector, Mike Morgan (oil; Charles Koch and David Koch, arguably two of the most influential financiers of anti-regulation and right-wing ideology in the United States. Tea Party idea men and financiers. Koch Industries is reported to have a revenue of over $100 billion in revenue per year.)
         ▪         Peabody Energy, Kelly Mader (coal)
         ▪         Pfizer Inc., Michael Hubert (pharmaceuticals)
         ▪         PhRMA, Jeff Bond (pharmaceuticals)
         ▪         Reed Elsevier, Inc., Teresa Jennings (publisher---defense weapons, medical, etc)
         ▪         Reynolds American, David Powers (tobacco)
         ▪         Salt River Project, Russell Smoldon (private electrical utiliy)
         ▪         State Farm Insurance Co., Roland Spies
         ▪         United Parcel Service (UPS), Richard McArdle
         ▪         Wal-Mart Stores, Maggie Sans

Here is a list of a few of the many think tank/non-profit groups supporting ALEC:

·      Cato Institute, (also founded by  Charles Koch)
·      Center for Competitive Politics (supported Citizens United)
·      Heritage Foundation (right wing think tank)
·      National Organization for Marriage (oppose same-sex marriage)
·      National Rifle Association,
·      National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action (the lobbying arm of the NRA)
·      National Right to Life Committee, Inc. (the largest anti-abortion organization in the U.S.)
·      Walton Family Foundation owners of Wal-Mart (focus on the eradication of public schools)


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The Woman Behind the Politic World Section:
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