Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday Comics!

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Anonymous said...

Ms. S: Love this site, love the pieces by many young and bold adventurers and luminaries.. love Dale's humor!! Alive and a classic presence in our present, Dale & his wit: Lesa, Sasha, you've got him out of his folder & box (can't fool me: he was too clever to dimensionally fit in either) & you've got him struttin' his stuff, oh timeless delight! Would that be a cartoon candid (the 2D dogs) of D & M, circa 1930's, "walkin' the dog"/er, their dogs, whilst having an evolving exchange of lively chats/facts on his cartoon site? Oh indeed! Thank you LESA! I have been reading many of the site pieces thanks to Miss K's tip off to me about it. Impressive! THANK YOU SASHA for this.. for your (and your clearly exponentially-expanding contributors') creative genius. The contributions fit the title you have given your site. Everything is vibrant, everything a mix of clever, playful, provocative, passionate and wise beyond years, with you and your contributors inspiring, re-charging us all.. I feel like a crystal charged up with sun energy - your "Unleashed" articles, cartoons, streaming through me and igniting passions and thoughts where perhaps I didn't know they were dormant.. and leaving me more informed and alive with what a refresher course about what truly truly in the human experience, measures, matters. And humor is inextricably tied to it all! So from an all charged up and energized gal to you and your contributors, Sasha - You got it goin' girls!! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels with a smile, "unleashed" by "UNLEASHED"! Keep manifesting your dreams, keep dancing & flowing and growing, your inspired readers will grow with you! posted by a new admirer, (who never does this sort of stuff and who refuses to use a cell phone.. a distant relative, once removed, and tho' oft not around, hovering everywhere! Independent & Wild, like your Grandmere, only not quite as wise! Wahine, Martha