Sunday, November 4, 2012

PAGE TURNERS: Falling for Autumn

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And now... a poem to inspire you all to embrace autumn and to go outside! 

She gets me every time she comes back around, And just like clockwork I’m in her grasp. Helpless under her majestic spell, Fifty shades of red, orange, and yellow. Scents of hot chocolate, pumpkin, and cider, The smell of her perfume fills the air. Though she can be cold every now and then, My admiration grows as I sit in a blanket by the fire. She may be messy, a slob at times, But I don’t mind the disorder she brings. For I love the beautiful mess she leaves, And the smiles and laughter that ring. Jealous the others are of what we share, Envious that they can’t replicate the connection we have. Just substitutes for the time I must wait, Winter, Spring, and Summer sensing love in the air. I give thanks for her once a year, When I know she deserves much more. I even dress to impress her occasionally, The candy just a bonus. Guys only love her For the football she brings. Crowding around their T.V.s, And yelling loudly at immobile things. I’ve fallen for her once again, Unable to break from her charm. She moves me like she shakes the trees, A mere leaf affected by her pull.

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Creative Writing Columnist, Caroline Lewis: 
My name is Caroline Lewis, I am a super-senior at Cal (they just can't get rid of me!), and I am studying Integrative Biology with a minor in Creative Writing. Some might be thinking, "Why, those have absolutely nothing to do with each other" but I love writing fiction, it's my means of escape from the rigorous world of science. I especially love to incorporate humor into my writing; sometimes you have to search for it, but don't worry it's hidden in there somewhere! I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love creating it, and I look forward to working with this great group at Unleashed.

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