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Movie Review : Oh Boy, Does the Dark Knight Rise (No Spoilers, Don't Worry)

Oh Boy, Does the Dark Knight Rise

Sasha Martin
 **** Stars (out of five)

If you want a Knight in shinning black armor, facing philosophies up-close that we only read about: death, life, hope, love, truth? If you want a movie that takes all the stress you have felt all throughout college, and blows it up in your face for 2 plus hours in one night? If you just love Batman, and get excited about anything that has to do with him (yup, like me-- guilty as charged)? Then, you absolutely must see The Dark Knight Rises. It's not as consumingly well done as the Dark Knight, but still a must-see.... and, I have a feeling there are sequels to come, so don't lose your place! 

The all-star cast, as usual, gives us a stellar performance, despite some cheesy lines (but, it's Batman, we can look past them!). First, there is the older and still difficult to understand while in the mask, Christian Bale as Batman. He is not as glamorous as usual, Christopher Nolan working to play up his human side and play down his superhero side. Then we have Gary Oldman, still the tormented police commissioner, wondering how much truth humanity can hold and still prosper: should he reveal that Batman is no murderer? That Batman is "good," while Harvey Dent was the true turned-sociopath? And, get ready ladies, Joseph Gordon-Levett appears in the film, one of the main characters. I won't reveal who he is, but his name is John Blake, and if you don't go for Batman, go for Blake. He holds a promising future. Anne Hathaway is looking sexy in her Cat Woman suit: corset, hip-padding, bra-padding, dangerously high heels, spanx and all. Props to her for wearing such a breathing-constricitive outfit and looking completely comfortable. Nicely, she keeps her lady-parts to herself and doesn't let men take advantage of the fact that she's a woman... whether or not she is a lesbian is still being debated amongst the viewing population. Nevertheless, this is a new side of Hathaway, and it's definitely not disappointing-- she is fierce to say the least. Then we have the loyal quasi-sidekicks: Michael Caine as Alfred and Morgan Freeman as Fox. Another two reasons to see the film. Alfred's character is the grandfatherly butler 99% of us never had and never will, and Fox? His voice alone is to die for, and then there's casually his genius technical skills too. I must say that Fox's character makes less appearances than normal, which is a shame. I mean, we all love Morgan Freeman. Also, watch out for a pretty hilarious line coming from Cillian Murphy, or "Scarecrow" or Dr. Jonathan Crane from previous films. There are actually quite a few funny lines, if you listen closely you might hear them all. 

Who are the "bad guys"? That's for you to determine. Is it a man in a metal mask that oddly resembles a certain canibal's? Is it Cat Woman, in all leather and dark as... oh wait! Is it the Knight? The Dark Knight? Has Bruce Wayne himself turned evil? Is it Blake, a city police cop? Is it Commissioner Gordon, consumed by PTSD from Dent's death?

I'll let you figure it out.
Either way, if you can't handle stress, don't see it, because I promise you that your friend's will be sitting at the edge of their seat smiling, and you? If you had any finger nails, they will be gone.
For those of you who can pull it together and keep calm?
Get ready for a well-worth seeing, WILD ride.

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