Monday, July 9, 2012

Page Turners : The Dating Games


Caroline Lewis

The odds’ll ever be in your favor, they said to me,
You’ll find a great man who loves your company.
He’ll be tall, dark, and handsome, extremely devoted,
An entrepreneur, boxers fully loaded.

Smooth to the parents, and hot to my friends,
He’ll be charismatic, with a tight rear end.
Intelligence like Albert with Brad’s good looks,
Always in the kitchen cause he loves to cook.

Well now I’m twenty-five, no longer a girl,
And I’m onto your lies, it seems the truth has unfurled.
To T.V., Disney, and my mom, at last,
I have one message—odds my ass.

I’ve been fed to the wolves, a salted piece of meat,
Fighting my way for survival, dodging unyielding defeat.
My tools in the arena, wit and strategy,
Faking illnesses and emergencies to leave the date early.

With every date, the hope in my heart beats less and less,
Adjusting himself, fixated on the waitress’ breasts.
My will for a relationship with love and meaning,
Succumbing to death, weakening with every beating.

A victim of this world called the dating games,
Without a choice, thrown into the burning flames.
Expectations of family pressing harder with age,
Wondering if I’ll ever get married, or if women turn my page.

Don’t know how much longer I can survive in this cold and lonely setting,
They’re trying to take me down—unfaithful, unrelenting,
Selfish, stubborn, demanding, all the above,
Fuck my odds. Here’s to the death of love.

But lo and behold, another just like me,
Stuck in this arena, dying internally.
Cautious and guarded, hurt from the pain,
Together we build each other, outsmarting the game.

He’s everything you said he’d be Mom, loving and down to Earth,
Being struck down by the others, made me acknowledge this man’s worth.
We found victory in each other, the road rugged and long,
Little did we know, the odds were in our favor all along.

Brief welcome to Caroline Lewis from Unleashed:

Unleashed is so excited to have Caroline officially onboard. Detected in a spring writing class with Professor Scott at UC Berkeley, Caroline's knack for words, curiosity, genuine ability to communicate her thoughts and humor did not go unnoticed! We are so lucky to welcome her to the Unleashed staff. Applause for the Lewis!

Creative Writing Columnist, Caroline Lewis:

My name is Caroline Lewis, I am a super-senior at Cal (they just can't get rid of me!), and I am studying Integrative Biology with a minor in Creative Writing. Some might be thinking, "Why, those have absolutely nothing to do with each other" but I love writing fiction, it's my means of escape from the rigorous world of science. I especially love to incorporate humor into my writing; sometimes you have to search for it, but don't worry it's hidden in there somewhere! I hope you enjoy my work as much as I love creating it, and I look forward to working with this great group at Unleashed.

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