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RIPPLE EFFECT: Fragments of Falling in Love

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Fragments of Falling in Love (c) 2012
Dedicated to K.M. 

fragment : glance
“I’m wearing a blue jacket”
“I’ll be sitting at the table
to the left of the door”
dissolving of cautions; leave the skeleton
vulnerable white bone
held attentive with unreadable impulses
brilliantly crippled in the sun of it all

fragment : look
blue jacket? blue eyes!
still imprinted beneath the lids of hers
tequila? no apologies
sweet bitter of lime
lick your hand
the laughably overloaded mountain: all salt 
laughing as though daring the salt to spill
banishing any 
grins; those tips of corners
trailing up the face
beyond worry lines
penetrating the skull

fragment : taste
turned to kiss a cheek in the moment of a blink
but, the cheek melted—into a mouth
a rounded one, open and; wide open
looking at the curves of the
lip, exploring the meat of the
squeezing with his own rows
so that he could feel the substantial
softness of each
kissing, she has never quite
her      eyes open
kissing, he has never quite
his       eyes closed
kissing used to be just a word
but nothing is just a word
especially when—word changes meaning in a moment of a
blurs of plaster caressing her
his hands moving towards her
finger tips
moving them, malleable, anywhere—
into his hear, deep in the heart of it
fragment : really touching
whispering into her knees of the walks they might have
telling her neck, quite frankly, how tenderly it might be kissed
showing her back how, in dancing, it might be held

fragment : see
cool and damp, sand paper
roof; no skin meeting
just minds
across the bay lights shine
as though in front of his face
reflecting onto hers
so that she glows in the dark
with love for him
moon and sun

moon and sun,
stars drifting away
day burning its edges to curl away
night bowing into itself
       this is what it feels like
       to take off on a r o  c   k    e    t    s     h      I       p.

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