Thursday, September 27, 2012

CUT THE C%&*: How I Caught the Bieber Fever

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Today, I developed a severe case of Bieber Fever. Instead of going to see the doc, I just turned up the stereo and continued reading an article discussing the young star, all along close to tears.
Bieber with Mrs. Avalanna Routh before she died.

It was centered around a six-year-old named Avalanna Routh who recently died of brain cancer. Like millions of other girls, she was a fervent Justin Bieber fan. A Facebook campaign was created for the little girl, highlighting her wish to meet Bieber. It went viral. Bieber responded by not only reaching out to the girl, but also holding a fake wedding ceremony, pulling her on stage at the Apollo theater, and taking her and her family on a Valentine’s Day date.

Alright, I’ll admit that when Justin Bieber came on the scene, I was not his biggest fan. I didn’t hate him, but I knew that his hairstyle made me feel slightly uncomfortable. If anything, I was more confused by the hype around him than angered by it. Maybe I never moved on from JC Chasez.

Right from the beginning of his rise to superstardom there was controversy around the young pop star. For every girl who wanted to be Justin Bieber’s bride, there were an equal, if not greater, number of boys who hated his guts. The web is filled with Justin Bieber hate sites and organizations. In fact, on Urban Dictionary (not one of the most credible of sources, I know, but it is a particularly useful resource during the adolescent years), there are 8 separate definitions for the search,  “Justin Bieber hater.”

This leads me directly to my psychological analysis of the “Beiber hater.” Not only has the kid really come into his own in terms of style, (who knew haircuts could do such wonders?) but he has proven himself to be a genuinely kind-hearted human being. Sure, reaching out to the girl with brain cancer is a form of PR, but he sure as hell didn't have to go so out of his way to hit the headlines-- he really went all out for the little Avalanna. 

Cute, nice, successful…he is the quintessential bachelor. The “Bieber hater” is a jealous breed. Chances are they will never attract girls as effortlessly as he does.

So I would say, instead of spending time bashing, hating, someone you barely even know, invest that time in cultivating a talent of your own. Besides, I don’t think the kid is disappearing any time soon.

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